About Us


Headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA, Clustered Systems was founded to solve difficult infrastructure problems associated with deploying large high performance compute systems.   Clustered’s first thrust was into the cooling space, developing a unique two-phase pumped refrigerant Touch Cooling™ technology.  This technology was developed in 2008 using funds from its founders and support from the California Energy Commission based on the promise of being the most energy efficient data center cooling technology available.  This was later demonstrated when its first product, the Touch Cool Cabinet, handily won a head-to-head competition against the best systems in the world in Chill-Off 2, a 2009 event sponsored by the Silicon Valley Leadership group and moderated by Lawrence Berkeley National Labs (LBNL). Liebert, Inc., a major cooling systems OEM, distributes this 1U Touch Cooling™ rack worldwide under the trade name XDS.

Later funding by the DoE led to the development of Clustered’s first complete HPC blade system, the ExaBlade.  This system sports a panoply of synergistic performance and energy saving features: 100kW “warm water” Touch Cooling™, 380VDC distribution, PCIe networking and virtual I/O. This system is currently deployed at SLAC National Laboratories where it has demonstrated its energy benefits and is now under long term evaluation by the SLAC team.

More recently, Clustered has developed relationships with leading HPC component suppliers and software providers to provide full turnkey HPC systems, with all the software, hardware and resilience to scale from standalone  petaFLOP racks to 100 rack/100 petaFLOP systems.

FAX: (408) 327-8101