Phillip Hughes is CEO and a founder of Clustered Systems. He conceived and patented the revolutionary Touch Cooling™ technology for commodity servers.

Previously Mr. Hughes was a founder and VP of BrightLink Networks, Inc., the developer of the BOSS 1000 2.5Tb/s SONET/SDH switch. He was the inspiration and co-developer of its basic switching technology, receiving a patent for his contribution.

Prior to BrightLink, Mr. Hughes held senior marketing roles at National Semiconductor. He developed strategies for high speed switching and interconnect solutions, negotiated licensing and development agreements for new products and sponsored the development of Video Server technology.

Mr. Hughes has extensive international marketing and sales experience. He is multi-lingual, having lived and worked in Europe for many years. He worked for several companies with various responsibilities, including director of worldwide sales and marketing for TAG Semiconductor of Zurich, Switzerland.

Robert Lipp is COO and a founder of Clustered Systems. He is a co-developer the Touch Cooling™ technology. He has been a founding member of multiple startups: from large scale WAN switching systems to several semiconductor companies – including Samsung Semiconductor in Korea and founder/CEO of the first world class ASIC company dedicated to CMOS gate arrays, California Devices, Inc.

He is a successful inventor with 20 patents in diverse high technology areas. Prior to his more recent work in cooling systems: he co-developed BrightLink Networks switching technology, applying it to create the world’s largest, high performance grooming SONET cross-connect switching system, the BOSS 1000; invented the CMOS gate array in 1974; and was co-inventor / developer of the novel GateField high density Flash NVM FPGAs, now the Microsemi ProASIC line.

FAX: (408) 327-8101