Hyperscale rack from data sheet
Hyperscale is a platform for a family of products available in the first half of 2015. Various models address Web Commerce, Modular and HPC. An Open Compute (OCP) version is also planned. Both water and pumped refrigerant versions will be available.

At maximum density, 15,000 dual processor servers can be installed in a 1,000 square foot data center.

Versions are available in several standard heights and widths, with options for up to 6 sidecar switches and 2 0U PDUs. Each server tray holds either two or three dual processor servers for a total of 96 or 144 servers per 48U rack respectively.

One version of the rack is 100% serviceable from the front and requires no air for server cooling, eliminating the need for a hot aisle. At only 24” deep, two racks with triple-server trays may be placed back-to-back on a 30” x 48” floor tile for a total of 288 servers per tile. Others models have front and rear access to accommodate additional peripherals.

The base unit is configured for 60kW of cooling, sufficient for 144 400W servers. It can be configured for 120kW to handle the hottest processor and co-processor combinations.

The figure on the right is a perspective illustration of a fully populated rack with 48 server trays, three vertically mounted switches on the left and a 0U vertically mounted PDU on the right. Ingress plumbing can be seen on the right hand side.

Power and Cooling

All models employ Clustered Systems’ Touch Cooling™ technology. There are no make/break liquid connections. Proprietary cold plates and brazed copper plumbing assure reliable leak-proof and silent operation.

Server Trays

The highest density server tray is 24” wide by 24” deep with three or four compartments. The former can accept two 7.5″ wide motherboards, disks and a shared power supply and the latter, three 6.8” wide motherboards, discs and a 2.2” wide shared power supply.

Heat risers with a thermal interface material (TIM) mounted atop are affixed to all hot components, elevating and spreading heat across a common plane. Each tray is slid into a horizontal slot in the rack with a cold plate mounted above. A tool-less mechanism raises the tray until the TIM is firmly pressed against the cold plate, directly cooling all the hottest components and disks by conduction.

The cold plate maintains a cool environment within the tray. The motherboard and balance of motherboard components are cooled by convection and conduction.

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