Our patented Touch Cooling technology provides unique opportunities to improve HPC system performance. We are exploiting these opportunities by partnering with leading companies, co-developing the world’s densest, greenest, high performance compute systems. They offer very efficient, room neutral, high-power/cooling densities; closely coupled system compute, storage and switching elements; high scalability and easy upgrading.

Touch Cooling has very low cooling overhead, about 5% of system load in most locations. Power densities are in excess of 4kW per square foot. This density helps cut the cabling tangle in big systems and increases communication speeds as interconnect distances are considerably shorter. The elimination of air as the heat removal medium greatly simplifies system monitoring, eliminates server and room fans, and delivers a higher system MTBF. Disk I/O performance improves due to the elimination of fan induced vibration. No fans also means elimination of air induced temperature extremes and the absence of noise, vastly improving the work environment.

These same attributes are very valuable in data centers – energy consumption can be reduced by up to 50%. High density translates into much smaller data centers, reducing capital expenditure by up to 60%. Reduced power and higher density permits more servers to be added to previously “full” data center legacy sites, postponing the need for a new build.

The cooling systems are fully compatible with existing infrastructure and practices and virtually no training is required.

Some of the systems are fully front serviceable. They can be placed back-to-back, doubling density, or with their backs against walls, ideal for container applications



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